Youth Girls Basketball

The Bear Creek Cubs coaches empower and encourage girls to participate in organized basketball. They teach players to have an “attitude of gratitude” focusing on solutions, positive mindsets, and mental strength. Players will learn the fundamentals of basketball and develop skills that build confidence, leadership and teach sportsmanship on and off the court.

Hoops for Confidence

Sportsmanship, mental toughness and developing an attitude of gratitude lessons are taught and rewarded.

Age-appropriate instruction: emphasizing healthy competition, gaining a better understanding of basketball mechanics such as fundamentals on dribbling, shooting, and scoring.

Mental training and Skill-focused development: mental training, positive mindset  and skill-related handouts, homework’ assignments, leadership opportunities, and in-game experience lessons provided throughout the season. 

Open Gym: All skill levels welcome – 1 day a week

Team Practice – 1-2 days per week

1-2 Games a week

Coaches: Head coaches have either played or coached at the high school and/or collegiate level.

CPR/FIRST AID, Concussion Safety Policy, CHSSA certified

Mental Toughness: A measure of individual resilience and confidence

Grit: Perseverance and passion for long term goals

Positivity: The practice of staying positive and optimistic

Dedication: The quality of being dedicated to a task or purpose

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation



Team Membership: TEAM membership March-August (monthly fee)

Training Membership: TBD (Jan-Dec)

**Does not include Tournament cost, uniforms and other incidental costs**

Where do teams play their games?

All games (Leagues) will take place at Gold Crown Field House in Lakewood, unless otherwise noted.

Where do they practice?

All practices take place at Bear Creek High School

What does a typical membership include?

2+ skills workouts/practices weekly + 2 competitive games per week

Who coaches the Cubs teams? 

Head coaches have either played or coached at the high school and/or collegiate level.

How many players are on each team?

We would like to have 7-9 players on each team. We believe that this is a good number of athletes to create an effective practice/game environment.

**Note: Once a member of The Bear Creek Cubs, players can use the facility any day Coach Clement will be holding an off-season practice. This is in addition to the team trainings with Coach Hiatt.

Players can join Coach Clement and the Bear Creek Varsity Players for individual skill training, like shooting, dribbling, passing, defense and offense position etc..  please text coach Clement if you are bringing your Cub to train before practice. 



  • Mon & Thurs. 7pm – 9pm
    • Coach Clement
    • Coach Howard 
  • TBA
  • GAMES:  2 games per week and/or  Weekend tournaments 
  • Gold Crown Fieldhouse, Lakewood
    • Other locations…


  • SATURDAY 10am-12pm
  • Bear Creek High School
  • Coach Clement & Howard

Kelin Clement
Cubs Youth Basketball, Executive Director