Bear Creek High School Girls Basketball

Being a member of the Bear Creek High School Girls’ Basketball Program is both a privilege and a responsibility.

We Value


Make decisions with the knowledge that your actions control not only your own destiny, but those of the program too. Everyone on the team is responsible for the team's success and failure.


Coordinated efforts of a cohesive group that contribute diverse skills to accomplish a common goal. Understand and embrace your role in the group. Use your skill (role) to lift others in the group. We are a TEAM, a UNIT, a FAMILY.


Following moral and/or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching. Having integrity means being true to yourself and doing nothing that demeans or dishonors yourself or your team.

Program Philosophy

High school athletics offers student-athletes an invaluable avenue to learn life-lessons in a competitive setting. Competition offers an opportunity for an individual to push herself to achieve personal goals while maintaining the awareness that she is part of something bigger than herself. This awareness allows the student-athlete to take pride in playing not only for herself, but for her teammates, her school, her family, and her community. While we will always strive for our ultimate goal of playing at a championship level, success comes from more than wins and losses. Our program values successful developmental growth and achievement in individuals (and teams as a whole) both on and off the court.


Bear Creek Girls Basketball Calendar